two men shaking hands and agreeing on a deal


two men shaking hands and agreeing on a deal

Melita Ymeraga,Certified Accountant

Founder – Melita & Partners

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Digital transformation has revolutionized businesses in general, and so has the accounting and auditing profession. According to the McKinsey report, 86% of all current tasks undertaken by auditors, accountants and bookkeepers have the potential to be automated. On the other hand, small and medium businesses are becoming more demanding of digital services. Therefore, the role of professional accountants and auditors as trusted advisors, combined with digital companies, opens up new opportunities for accountants and auditors to take advantage of the opportunities that technology is offering. Based on these trends, we have developed our newest suite of accounting firms.

The Biggest Advancement in Your Accounting Firm

With the mDigitalAccounting platform, there is no limit to how much you can grow your list of clients to whom you provide accounting services, certainly high quality.

A modern accounting methodology. Flexible software tailored to your customers’ needs, automated data processing and reporting anytime and anywhere. Support from certified software and accounting experts. All in one place!

To whom is it dedicated?

The mDigitalAccounting- Accounting Partner Program is designed for accounting firms, accountants, CFOs who want to grow their businesses.

Why Become a Partner with mDigitalAccounting?

Bring your accounting firm up to date with global trends through the mDigitalAccounting platform. As you provide an uninterrupted experience for your customers, keeping costs low and accuracy high. mDigitalAccounting makes your firm more productive by reducing stress and having more time on more important services.

What Do You Benefit?

QuickBooks accounting software and initial setup

Comprehensive support from mDigitalAccounting along with a dedicated team of experts.We’ll help you get started by making sure the setup is tailored to your client’s needs. We will get you ready to setup the software for your existing and new customers. We’ll help you get started by making sure the setup is tailored to your client’s needs. Do you need help? We are available at all times.

Collaborative data processing platform for your clients

Ability to manage all your clients through the mDigitalAccounting platform and mobile app. Upload different documentation for registration: such as invoices, bank statements, payroll, etc. Ability to generate financial reports, management reports and talk to the mDigitalAccounting team as needed.

Perfect finance

 There are no more huge amounts of papers waiting to be registered at the time of tax declaration. With mDigitalAccounting, accounting firms can download the day-to-day workload (data entry, bank reconfiguration, classification), allowing you to focus on top-notch customer service. Thus, your clients receive accurate and timely and cost effective accounting. No more working up to late hours for data entry – pass it on to us!

What Do Your Clients Benefit?

Quick and up-to-date accounting and accurate finance every month. We handle all the daily manual work so you and your client can spend your time on other accounting priorities. Your customers have no delay in service due to your absence because now you will be there every time it is needed.

A central portal to link their financial and non-financial accounts. We make sure that the data is automatically processed and organized. We provide uninterrupted accounting to your clients, receiving top-level consulting services from you.

We have provided you with a final package of the year so that clients will be ready to declare  their income tax returns. We will include financial statements prepared for tax, a balance sheet and documentation for areas that may need your review. The timing of annual declarations is less stressful for us.

Keep track of your documents, switch to MDigital Accounting!