woman with glasses wearing a white shirt and drawing a diagram


woman with glasses wearing a white shirt and drawing a diagram

Today, all the focus for business improvement is on business automation and application development, and that’s a good thing. Of course we want you to buy the software we offer in the market, but these will not solve all business problems. There is one thing that is more useful than automation and that without which business fails and that is the development of process. 

Big companies spent a lot of time doing this. While some of the small businesses are so far getting to this point.

Processes for me include developing written procedures, forms, samples, and checklists that you and your staff can use. You should follow them in three key areas of your business:

1. The sales cycle

2. Providing customer service

3. Internal work processes

Once your processes have been documented, you can then begin to identify processes that can be automated and improved. Automation is a subset of process development, not the main component. So business cannot improve what does not measure and cannot measure what is not documented.

Documentation -> Outcome Measurement -> Process Improvement = More Profits and More Leisure.

 The first step is difficult  for some of you, but the other steps are more appealing. The “process improvement” step involves the most challenging part: automating, delegating, creating a form as needed, and inserting them into relevant procedures.

Check to see how your business stands in all three areas. After diagnosing the situation take the appropriate steps to invest in processes to keep up with technological trends and run a competitive and profitable business. And if you aim for export, then start today!