world map with some highlighted countries


world map with some highlighted countries

Melita & Partners known in the market as the QuickBooks® Certified Proadvisor, it has now advanced partnerships to become the regional focal point for all Intuit QuickBooks products and is certified as QuickBooks® Advanced Solution Provider. (https://quickbooks.intuit.com/enterprise/resources/international-experts.jsp). All Intuit products are ordered through Melita & Partners, licensed directly by Intuit, thus providing the authenticity, reliability and security you need.

QuickBooks® Solution Provider is a program for companies that are highly competent in providing all solutions to various businesses and organizations that need additional services that are not directly provided by INTUIT (INTU-NASDAQ). QuickBooks® Solution Provider helps you determine the right solution for your business / organization needs starting from the first meeting. These companies are constantly investing in their resources and have the expertise to customize the system to your business / organization’s requirements, provide on-demand job training, ongoing support, custom software development, and possess in-depth industry knowledge to help you run your business well.

“We are very excited to announce our new partnership with INTUIT. QuickBooks® is a world leader in offering solutions, and this partnership will provide us with business growth opportunities, excellent customer support, and youth opportunities to train and advance our knowledge of global products”, says Melita Ymeraga, Founder of Melita & Partners

“We are excited to accept Melita & Partners as the QuickBooks® Solution Provider. They have been passionate about enhancing their customers’ prosperity by offering QuickBooks Desktop, Online and other integrated online solutions that meet the needs of our common customers”, says Craig Baker, Channel Account Manager under QuickBooks Solution Provider, Intuit.

About Intuit (INTU-NASDAQ) – Intuit’s mission is to foster prosperity worldwide. Their global products such as QuickBooks ®, Mint, TurboTax, are designed to empower consumers, self-employed and companies to improve their financial aspects with very easy solutions. The innovative ecosystem of financial management solutions provides services to more than 46 million clients worldwide. Read more at www.intuit.com