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Kontabiliteti tradicional përfshin transferimin fizik të dokumentacionit dhe shtypjen manuale të të dhënave. Kjo kufizon lëvizshmërinë dhe aksesin në informacion financiar në kohë reale, duke rritur potencialin për gabime dhe zgjatje të raportimit.

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If you are a financial manager, an accountant or an entrepreneur who is ready to change the way you manage your finances, Cloud Accounting is your choice.

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After analyzing your business and its needs, we will come up with a personalized plan to help you optimize your financial management and relieve you of the burden of accounting-related stress.


We will ensure that your transition to Melita&Partners is quick and smooth. Implementing the appropriate version of QuickBooks for your company, carrying open balances, training you how to issue invoices and generate reports and insights.

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We'll take care of everything from accurate transaction recording to compliance and reporting. You can sit back and relax knowing your books are in good hands.

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To whom it is dedicated- Cloud Accounting?

Businesses seeking efficiency, cost reduction and a smarter approach to business management.

SMEs in Kosovo and the region that are ready to take a big step towards modernization.

Businesses targeting the international market.

Young entrepreneurs.

Software Development

Services include tracking and reporting your software development expenditures, capitalizing development investments on a per-product basis, and overseeing Research and Development activities, all while ensuring strict adherence to accounting standards.

Digital Marketing

With a deep understanding of digital media economics, including cost-per-click advertising, social media campaigns, and website analytics, we can offer total digital accounting services tailored for your company.

BPO & Call Centers

Empower your BPO & Call Center operations with our specialized project accounting solutions. Our tailored approach offers a financial reporting and control system that serves as the foundation for successful project management.

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It only takes 60 seconds to lose complete control of your finances, so it's important to take a cautious attitude and manage them carefully to prevent potential financial consequences.

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From implementation to training and ongoing support for your team.


Application of professional and most modern methods in the Cloud.


By transforming digital accounting, the client has increased turnover and financial income.