woman in business suit looking concerned and sitting on chair front of desk with a lot of paperwork and a round analog clock


woman in business suit looking concerned and sitting on chair front of desk with a lot of paperwork and a round analog clock

Melita Ymeraga, Certified Accountant

Founder – Melita&Partners

2 min read 

I often meet small business owners who have reached a critical development point but who are not able to cross the left lane of the road. However, when they take a bold step for growth through offering new products and services, the enthusiasm is curbed by routine work that are hard to get rid of. Many of them say that within a day they deal with 1 million different things and that this makes them successful multitasking people.

But if you analyze how is your quality time being spent on, then it is clear why there are growing business difficulties. Owner deals with supplies, customer billing, cashier management, record keeping somewhere in the notebook or excel, who owes debt and to whom the business owes debt, date of loan installment, did I pay electricity, internet… and finally when you want to provide information should waste a lot of time on very basic info, eg. who owes them debt? Or how do I collect the loan installment funds? These are common to any small business and it happens all over the world, not only to us. Just stop and think about how much time it takes for an entrepreneur to deal with small details and how much it costs to lose the creativity of your business and drown yourself in monotonous and routine work.

For many owners, their business is like their baby. Understandably, it’s hard to give up control. As every child grow up and look to find his or her own way, so must the business delegate job controls in order to grow and develop. On this journey, owners quickly realize that up-to-date and accurate financial data is critical to the success of their business.

Usually, small businesses keep their own books and a mini-bookkeeping to have the papers closer and save some money, while the accountant is hired only for tax returns. And, when there is a need to make quick decisions based on financial information, you have to wait for the accountant to come to you once a month to collect the letters and generate reports after 2 months !!! Not any more!

In 2019 it is time for you to work differently and delegate these tasks to your virtual accountant through cloud technology and mDigitalAccounting services.

mDigitalAccounting is a solution designed to cover the accounting function through a state-of-the-art cloud platform, passing on all the tasks including expense registration, bank registration, cash register, purchases, payroll, tax returns and more. You simply send your source documents to us via a secure online platform or through photos. We process your documents and publish them all online, archived and in the form of managerial and financial reports. Thus, you can enjoy the efficiency and security of a web-based process.

If the idea of switching to the cloud makes you uncertain and you look at it with suspicion, stop and look at it from a different perspective. By storing your tracks in cloud technology, your data is more secure than under a “pillow”. 

QuickBooks Online – a leader in cloud technology, offers you a very high data security, superior to banking systems. Losing, stealing or damaging a computer does not result in loss of valuable data for your business.

Changing from the daily routine is not easy, but the benefits will be huge if you take small steps. We assure you that if you allocate a small amount of money for these services for a set time, you will succeed in growing your business and you will not need to work 24 hours a day! You just have to change how you use those hours, and we take care of others.

Keep track of your documents, switch to MDigital Accounting.